Angélica BRACHO

Yolanda Angélica Martínez Bracho

   I am a multidisciplinary artist and educator, a Visual Arts graduate from the UANL in the state of Nuevo León, Mexico. In 2012, I undertook postgraduate studies in the Escola de Diseni i Art with a degree granted by the UAB in Barcelona, Spain.

  As educator I combine my passion to make art with the love to teach and help people to connect with art and achieve new skills with my guide. Since 2015 I am been an University professor from the Autonomy University of Nuevo Leon, at the Architecture Faculty in the Industrial Design career. 

   In 2013, three of my miniprints were selected for the 33rd International Miniprint Exhibit in Cadaquez, Spain. The exhibit was located in United Kingdom, Spain and In  France. I was part of the residence and exchange project “Urbanografías”  This project was displayed in the International Festival Cervantino in Guanajuato, Mexico.  In 2017 I had a solo exhibition and two days of teaching in a workshop at the Mexico Embassy on Copenhagen, Denmark.